Alice Alldredge

Professor Emeritus

209 Building 408
Biological oceanography; ecology of marine gelatinous plankton; marine particulate matter and marine snow, biogeochemical cycling.

Mark Brzezinski

Research Professor

3149 Marine Biotech
Dr. Brzezinski's research focuses on a dominant group of marine phytoplankton, the diatoms.

Scott D. Cooper

Research Professor

2136 Noble Hall
Freshwater biology, stream ecology, salmonid restoration, conservation biology, land use, fires, scaling, meta-analysis.

Sally Holbrook

Research Professor

3316 Marine Science Institute
Marine ecology, community ecology, species interactions.

John M. Melack

Research Professor

4424 Bren Hall
Dr. Melack studies ecological processes in lakes, wetlands and streams and their catchments throughout the world.

Roger Nisbet

Research Professor

2001 Noble Hall
Ecological theory and modeling, ecotoxicology, ecophysiology.

Steve Rothstein

Research Professor

My major interests are in behavior, ecology, evolution and ornithology.

Robert Warner

Research Professor

4322A Marine Science Institute
Evolutionary ecology, population and conservation biology; ecology and behavior of reef fishes.