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The Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology at UC Santa Barbara provides broad, interdisciplinary education leading to the Master of Arts and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees with an emphasis on ecology and evolution, and marine biology and oceanography. The diversity of research interests, perspectives, and expertise within the Department promotes the development of a broad foundation in ecology, evolution and marine biology, and the appreciation for interdisciplinary approaches to research. It also allows students to develop depth in specific sub-disciplines including population and community ecology, ecosystems ecology, limnology, and biological oceanography, ecological physiology, evolution, population genetics, climate science, and organismal biology. Faculty in the Department apply experimental (both field and laboratory-based) as well as modeling approaches and there are many opportunities for students to get involved in field work, outreach activities, and teaching.

Graduate Education

Since graduate education involves intellectual development and apprenticeship within a discipline and sub-disciplines, students accepted into EEMB must have a faculty sponsor before they can be admitted. Contact individual faculty whose research programs interest you.

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