Deron Burkepile

Associate Professor

4312 Marine Science Institute
Marine ecology, community ecology, trophic interactions, coral reefs.

Douglas McCauley

Assistant Professor

2314 Marine Science Institute
Ecology; Conservation Science.

Todd Oakley


4101 Life Sciences Building
Macroevolution, phylogenetics, bioluminescence, vision, molecular evolution, complexity, marine organismal biology.

Stephen Proulx

Associate Professor

4309 Life Sciences Building
Mathematical theory of evolutionary and eco-evolutionary processes.

Jonathan N. Pruitt

Associate Professor

2124 Noble Hall
Explores the ecological consequences of individual variation in behavior for individuals, populations, and communities.

William Rice


4304 Life Sciences Building
Genetics, evolution, biometry.

Joel Rothman


3137 Bio II
Evolutionary and quantitative genetics of development, robustness and fidelity of complex systems, interstellar biology.

Steve Rothstein

Research Professor

1112 Noble Hall
My major interests are in behavior, ecology, evolution and ornithology.

Samuel Sweet


1124 Noble Hall
Distributional ecology and systematics of western North American and Australian amphibians and reptiles; ecology and systematics of monitor lizards; mechanics of intergrade zones and of speciational processes; crypsis; functional and evolutionary morphology; ethnozoology; conservation biology.

Thomas Turner

Associate Professor

2128 Noble Hall
We seek to understand the genetic basis of behavioral variation by combining population genetics and neurobiology in Drosophila and other species.