Cameron Hannah-Bick

Greenhouse Manager

540 Greenhouse
Maintains the school’s teaching collection and assists researchers with their experiments.

Ryan Langlo

Developmental Tech III

1255 Bio Shop
Assists with scientific equipment repair, research apparatus fabrication, and maintenance of departmental equipment.

Michael (Mickey) O'Connell

Marine Mechanician

1007 Marine Biotech
Responsible for the daily upkeep of departmental boats, research equipment maintenance and repair, facilities management, and design and construction services.

Christian Orsini

Assistant Diver / Collector

102 Building 465
Responsible for animal collections and care, facilities operations and maintenance, and captaining departmental boats.

Oscar Perez

Lab Manager

1118 Biological Sciences Instructional Facility
Manages the Introductory Biology Program laboratory courses.

Christoph Pierre

Director of Marine Operations

102 Building 465
Responsible for marine operations, seawater system function, boating program oversight and animal collections.