Reimbursements: Travel, Entertainment, & Miscellaneous 

Active employees can submit the receipts for all reimbursement types in Concur.

Non-active employees (students, visitors, etc.) please send all receipts and the appropriate reimbursement request form (see box on the right) to Haley Martin. 

Travel Reimbursements

Entertainment Reimbursements

Miscellaneous Reimbursements

  • Miscellaneous reimbursements (for supplies and services) are an exception to policy and should be avoided whenever possible. 
  • Use campus-approved purchasing mechanisms such as the Gateway procurement system or FlexCard (contact Haley Martin) instead of purchasing supplies out-of-pocket

Declaration of Missing Evidence

If you are unable to locate original receipts for your reimbursement, please complete a Declaration of Missing Evidence for each missing receipt and substantiate with an alternate proof of purchase (i.e. credit card statement) showing payment.