Fellowships / Grants

Departmental Fellowships

Vernon I. Cheadle Award

The Vernon I. Cheadle Award in Biological Sciences has been established by the Alumni Association in honor of Dr. Vernon Cheadle, Chancellor of UCSB from 1962 to 1977, and a dedicated plant biologist and botanical scholar.

The recipient of this award must be an outstanding UCSB graduate or undergraduate in the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology or Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology with a major emphasis in Plant Science. He/she must have completed at least three consecutive quarters of course work in one of the Departments.

Nominees will be judged according to their potential as biological scientists, their achievements, and their research in the field. They must maintain a 3.0 or better grade point average. Nominees should exhibit outstanding achievement and involvement in their classes and should be involved in private or departmental research.

A representative from each department (MCDB and EEMB) will review the letters of recommendation and make the final selection. An e-mail to faculty in EEMB and MCDB is sent out in early March requesting nomination letters.

Ellen Schamberg Burley Award

The Ellen Schamberg Burley Award provides assistance for senior level graduate students to present their research at scientific meetings. The fund was established by faculty, colleagues, family and friends of Ellen Schamberg Burley as a continuing tribute to a student who distinguished herself both as an undergraduate and graduate scholar in the biological sciences at UCSB.

Students eligible for this award must be advanced to candidacy, but have not exceeded the Department's normative time for completion of the degree.

Requirements include:

  1. A letter of nomination
  2. Statement of background and research interests
  3. Student's current CV
  4. Abstract of the paper to be presented

The selection committee decides the amount of the award given to each student. An e-mail to faculty in EEMB and MCDB is sent out in early March requesting nomination letters.

Charles A. Storke Award

The Charles A. Storke Award was initiated in 1996 through the generosity of Charles A. Storke II, former Associate Editor and Publisher of the Santa Barbara News Press, whose family has had a long association with UCSB. Part of a much larger commitment to the University, this fellowship fund is intended to help bolster the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology by providing support for its most promising graduate students.

The Storke Fellowship provides a $2,500 stipend and will be given to an outstanding student who has advanced to candidacy and is within normative time. This is a very prestigious award and is important in honoring the Storke Family.

The EEMB Graduate Committee will be awarding this fellowship to a senior student whose research is of the highest quality. An e-mail to EEMB faculty is sent out in early March requesting nomination letters.

Campus Fellowships

Qualified students also are nominated for centrally administered Graduate Division fellowships such as the Chancellor's Fellowships, Regents Special Fellowships, Small Department Fellowships, Eugene Cota Robles Fellowship, Graduate Opportunity Fellowships, and UC Santa Barbara Graduate Fellowships.

New Student Central Fellowships

Nominations will be made by Faculty to the Graduate committee from incoming applicant records. The committee will choose Departmental nominees and put them forward to Graduate Division.

Continuing Central Fellowships

Several Central Fellowships are also available to continuing students in various stages of their degree progress. The call will go out to Faculty and Students and nomination packets will be submitted to the Committee for review. They will consider all candidates and choose the Departmental nominees and put them forward to Graduate Division.


Departmental Block Grants

Departmental money is used along with admissions offers to recruit outstanding new Graduate students to our department. No additional application necessary. Nominations will be made by Faculty from incoming applicant records.

Block Grant can also be used for Continuing Student Support. This usually comes in the form of Fee Fellowship, Summer Stipend, Research money. Students will be able to apply and submit a statement of need along with a Faculty nomination. Decisions will be based on Merit, Progress, and need.

Extramural Funding

Many EEMB students may also be eligible for extramural predoctoral fellowships from the National Science Foundation, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, UC Discover and Biotechnology Research Programs, National Instututes of Health, NOAA, and other agencies. The deadline for which tend to be around late October or early November for the following year.