Diversity Begets Diversity: Diversifying Science through the Study of the Coral Triangle Biodiversity Hotspot

Date and Location
Monday May 03, 2021 1:44pm


Paul Barber


The Coral Triangle is the global epicenter of marine biodiversity. While this pattern is well-documented, the processes driving the evolution of this diversity have been more enigmatic. Over the past 20 years, the integration of genetic and genomic tools with geology, oceanography, and modeling demonstrate the role of vicariance in promoting diversification within the Coral Triangle. However, emerging data provide evidence for ecological divergence and important linkages between metazoan and microbial diversity. Importantly, much of this work was done as part of efforts focused on increasing diversity in marine science, and on increasing research capacity in one of the most threatened marine ecosystems in the world, providing a powerful model on how to advance equity and diversity in science through focused, intentional integration of research and education.