Ecological Honors: Douglas McCauley is named an early career fellow of the Ecological Society of America

March 01, 2018

UC Santa Barbara ecologist Douglas McCauley has been selected a 2018 early career fellow of the Ecological Society of America (ESA). An assistant professor in UCSB’s Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology (EEMB) and director of the Benioff Ocean Initiative, McCauley is one of seven ESA members to be so named.

“It is such a privilege to run a research lab in ecology at UC Santa Barbara,” said McCauley. “Our university is a place where we are supported to push the boundaries of scientific discovery and encouraged to put what we learn directly to work to benefit the environment and society.” An independent research report in an academic journal published by the ESA recently rated UCSB’s ecology program No. 1 in North America.

McCauley was elected for his work to advance understanding of the complex mechanisms by which wildlife loss affects ecosystems, as well as for his efforts to use big data and emerging technology to promote conservation. Research at the McCauley Lab is as diverse as it is ambitious, from employing satellite to track sharks and improve the design of marine protected areas to investigating the flow of energy through ecosystems.

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