Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Wellness

The EEMB Department is particularly interested in providing educational opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds and from groups that are underrepresented in the biological sciences, as well as military veterans, and students with disabilities.

Department Chairs

Débora Iglesias-Rodriguez

EEMB Chair

Thomas Even

EEMB Vice Chair
Curriculum, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Department Committees and Advisors


Planning and Oversight

D. Iglesias-Rodriguez (ex officio), J. Schimel (2023), C. Carlson (E:2022), D. McCauley (E:2022), S. Mazer (2022), H. Moeller (E:2023), S. Yi (E:2023)


G. Hofmann, S. MacIntyre (E:2022), A. Santoro (E:2022), E. Wilbanks

Graduate Affairs

H. Young (2022), R. Oono (E:2022), A. Stier (2023) T. Turner (E:2022)

Graduate Student Advisory Committee

D. Burkepile, A. Stier, S. Sambado, Z. Zilz, J. Renzi, K. Kauffman, H. Payne, K. Ring, S. McKim, R. Harris-Gavin, J. Valera (IGPMS), A. Bui, I. Boving, M. Heard, C. McKinley, C. Nordheim


T. Even, S. MacIntyre, S. Proulx, E. Eliason, A. Kuris, J. Latto